Wayne Anthony Morrison

Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Miami, Florida, by his Panamanian mother, and Jamaican father, Wayne grew up with his brother Vernon, in an artistic and creative household where both mom and dad loved Classical, Jazz, R&B and Caribbean Music and passed that love on through their sons. Also, being surrounded by his father's photography equipment, he watched the process of dad taking a photo, developing it in his own makeshift darkroom, and presenting his vision in an image on paper. That  eventually became Wayne's love and passion after a long career in the music industry. With music being his first love and foundation, Wayne became a founding member and artist in the BAHIA/RCA R&B recording group FAZE, with their successful charting  single "Cold Sweat". With touring, performing and creating videos for their songs, Wayne's experience in front of the camera intrigued him to one day delve into his creative genes, and convert it to become a photographer like his father. Understanding what it takes to be on the other side of someone else's vision, Wayne now creates images on his own and shares his love and passion with those that support creative artistry. 

"All of the images I create, have a connection with my love and passion for music, and visual arts. I'm growing in every level of this art, and I thank you for your interest and support of my  work". 


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